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Shootout: Comparing 17 Photography Lighting Modifiers

With the huge range of lighting modifiers available–umbrellas, beauty dishes, soft boxes, octaboxes, and on and on and on—it can be hard for a first time buyer to understand the differences and decide how to best spend their money. Photographer Scott Choucino to the rescue.

Photographer Captures Rare Yosemite Falls Rainbow Phenomenon

In 2017, Utah-based landscape photographer Greg Harlow captured a rare and beautiful phenomenon in Yosemite National Park. Standing at Glacier Point, he was able to capture Yosemite Falls "turning into" a rainbow: a phenomenon that only happens at certain times of year and under certain circumstances.

‘Can We Have All the Photos from the Shoot?’ No, And Here’s Why…

Sooner or later, every professional photographer runs into similar situations. Situations that are uncomfortable for the photographer and the client. One is the topic of post-production and retouching. Some clients might tell you that your retouching fee is too high. Others might tell you to not do any retouching. And then some others might ask you to send them all the pictures.

Amazon Lists $550 Sony Lens for $250… But Gives Buyers $20 Instead

Amazon sparked a frenzy on Prime Day back in July after it accidentally listed a wide range of cameras and lenses -- some worth over $13,000 apiece -- for $94.48 each. While we've heard of strange pricing errors before, what's crazy is that Amazon honored the orders and buyers actually received tens of thousands of gear for hundreds of dollars. But it seems Amazon's generosity (or oversight) was limited to its Prime Day festivities...

Photographers Who Bear Witness to War Pay a Steep Price –The Daily Beast

The majority of journalists who cover conflict do not develop post-traumatic stress disorder or depression or substance abuse. However, the minority that do is substantial. It is well above the numbers seen in journalists who confine themselves to local reporting in countries such as Canada and the United States. The rates of PTSD and depression are significantly elevated compared to the general population.

If one looks at a cumulative percentage, i.e., what are the rates of PTSD and depression in journalists over the course of a 30-year career covering war and conflict, then one arrives at a figure that is very close to that seen in combat veterans. The main disorders are post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and substance abuse.

Conflict photographer Kevin Carter, best known for his image of a vulture lurking near a famine-stricken child, took his own life in 1994 a few months winning a Pulitzer Prize. In his suicide note, he wrote: “The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist.”

The Flash as a Self-Defense Weapon

Back in the 1970s, I would occasionally go bar hopping in South Tucson. Although it wasn't a particularly rough neighborhood, there was always the potential bad guy.

Opinion: The Problem with Many of the ‘Photographers’ on YouTube

Professional event photographer and photography teacher Mik Milman recently published a video that's bound to receive some mixed reactions. In it, Milman laments the dearth of experience of many photographers who pass themselves off as "experts" on YouTube, earning thousands of followers and possibly misleading beginners by offering bad advice and unqualified critiques.

Profoto to Release $300 Smartphone Flash Next Week: Report

Earlier this week, high-end lighting brand Profoto released a teaser for a new light that it claimed would "forever change the world of photography." Don't get too excited though: according to the most recent rumors, this "game-changing" product is an expensive LED flash for smartphones.